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The Double E Group strives to become a global leader in the toy industry by creating diverse product lines that hobbyists of all ages will enjoy.

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Partnership since 2015

Partnership since 2015

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Red Italian Supercar C61042W
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Red Italian Supercar C61042W
White red Super Car 610 C61018W
Blue Moc Supercar 770-4 C61041W Open door

Double E Hobby

State-of-the-art replicas of construction vehicles and machinery with detailed exteriors and componentry.

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Double E Toys

Accessible and playable cars, trucks and construction vehicles designed with children in mind allowing young drivers enjoy their time.

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VNC Distribution and Trade
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Ata Swiat Modeli i Zabawek
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What We Do Best

As one of the leading RC toy manufacturers in China, we pride ourselves on our superior quality and innovation. Our products are certified according to the leading International Safety Standards, such as: BSCI, CE, FCC, ASTM F-963, ROHS and many others.

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With over 300+ moulding injections machines, we have the capability to accomodate any order volume or timeline.


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Our dedicated team will work with your business, from concept design to manufacturing, to ensure the highest quality and product experience.

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With a detail -oriented approach to our products, we ensure every element, from materials to packaging, is well-thought out and intentional.

Packaging Design

packaging of initial d toy

Packaging Design

Double E and its products are certified according to the leading International Safety Standards, such as BSCI, CE, FCC, ASTM F-963, ROHS and more.

Packaging Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Our quest to make the best RC toys, includes a careful and thorough process from start-to finish.

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What makes Double E products unique?

Double E strives to provide high quality products with all the necessary international safety certificates. Many of our products are officially approved and licensed by leading brands worldwide, including Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Land Rover, Volvo, JCB, Toyota and others for a diverse audience. The Double E R&D team has developed an extensive network of worldwide cooperators including MOC builders, designers, and inventors. We offer free after-sales service to make sure that every end-customer is satisfied from start to finish!

What international safety standards are Double E and its products certified with?

Double E is BSCI accredited company. Product safety certificates include: CE, FCC, ASTM F-936, ROHS, NE-71.

How long does it take for an order to get ready?

Double E warehouses store most of products and many orders are ready to ship in 2 weeks time. In case of stock shortage, 45 days is needed on average to produce the stock.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum value order starts from 5,000US dollars.

What are the main Double E business markets?

China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, the UK, Russia, Japan, Korea, South Africa and the USA.


Double E Toys Volvo Excavator E598-003

CaDA Bricks Humvee C61036W

CaDA Bricks Japanese Manga Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Store C61031W

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CaDA Bricks Humvee C61036W

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